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We founded Squid Flick late in July, and by the end of August we were off to a good start.

For our first gig we flew to London, and shot five commercials for Talking Tables. It was an intense week. We shot all five commercials in three days, and did a lot of editing in the airport and on the plane on our way home. Everyone was a pleasure to work with, though, except for the cat that refused to leave our master shot.

The next project was making behind the scenes videos for “Scenekvelder,” who just premiered “Singing In the Rain” to universal acclaim in Oslo at Folketeateret. Celina documented one of the last weeks of rehearsals. This adventure involved many wet feet as the technicians tested the sprinklers for the titular rain. The biggest challenge, though, was playing it cool when interviewing Norway’s top actors and directors, and later the Prime Minister on the red carpet.

Our last project in August was as photographers for Bring’s annual Dialogue Conference, the largest conference on digital marketing in Scandinavia. It started off easy, with just half a day’s work when we arrived. It’s good we got some sleep the first night, since the next two offered rather little. The lectures and workshops began at 9:00 each morning, and the parties ended well after midnight. Every day we prepared photos to be shown the next, so we sorted and roughly edited our photos whenever we had a moment to spare. There weren’t many of these moments, however, as the conference often had four simultaneous events that we jumped between. (It was often hard to leave the exciting lectures midway through; I was particularly sad to miss the second half of Kjell Nordström’s talk). The highlight of the conference easily was the music-themed dress-up party Monday night; everyone who participated put their kid’s Halloween costumes to shame.

August was busy, but we still managed to meet up with our gang at Miranda’s place in Greece; a much-needed vacation, even if we spend some of the mornings editing while the others struggled with their hangovers.

We’re currently finishing some of the edits. We’re also apartment hunting in London, so do let us know if you can hook us up.

It’s been a crazily busy start, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

All the best, Philip & Celina

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