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It’s been about six months since we started Squid Flick. While the world fell apart, we quietly moved to London, did some different projects, and began studying our Master’s Degrees.

In late October, Philip started his MA in Producing at the MET film school. Instead of moving into our new flat and setting up some time in advance like normal people, we cleverly decided to move in the day before the course begun. Throughout November most of the apartment looked like this:

Today, however, we finally finished setting up. The last touch was the wall decorations above our couch, where we hung some of our own pictures. Now our place looks like this (and yes, obviously it’s always this tidy).

It proved to be a surprisingly big challenge to get the posters to stick to our walls, which is ironic, given that we were producing and editing a short film at the same time, in which the protagonist goes increasingly insane as his poster keeps falling down. Like said protagonist, we ended up resolving the issue by literary nailing the posters to the wall (actually, they’re almost not nails. We mostly call them that to make them happy).

Before Christmas we did some more videos for Talking Tables, and during the break Celina took 350(!) product pictures for Cappelen Damm. Some of the stuffed animals were even bigger than herself, but she managed!

In January Celina started her MA in Editing at the National Film and Television School. Though it’s still early days, the course is off to a promising start: Celina has already experienced the frustration of editing on a Steinbeck (literary cutting and taping physical film strips together), and received a lecture by the great Roger Deakins, who currently has 13 Oscar nominations for best cinematography. (Philip wasn’t jealous at all. He’s very mature like that).

2016 was an eventful year. Something that didn’t happen, however, was a lot of blog posts. We’re going to change that, so from now on you can check back monthly for regular updates on what’s happening with the Squids.

All the best,

Philip & Celina

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