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We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’re making a music video for the Danish hip hop artist Kasper Spez. Philip, being Danish, has been a fan since Spez’s first EP. Celina, being Norwegian, is excused for not matching Philip’s initial freak-out over getting the gig. He’s okay now, he just needed some time.

We were hired primarily because Spez liked our experimental short film Itch, and the music video will similarly be abstract. During the past one and a half months, we’ve used every weekend we could spare to dream up moody, nightmarish shots to match the song’s dark atmosphere.

Like this time, where we suddenly had to choreograph some modern dance moves:

Or this one, where we made a cocktail of honey, flour and food color to create slime with just the right thickness.

Oh, and this time where we bought a bath bomb to make the water milky, only it didn’t work. But you know what did the trick? Actual milk.

We’re starting to put the edit together, and will shoot the segments with Mr. Spez soon. Can’t wait to post the final video.

All the best,

Philip & Celina

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