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Squid Flick was founded by Celina Øier and Philip Staal in 2016. We’re based in London, but operate in Scandinavia as well. Philip Holds a BA in directing from Arts University Bournemouth and an MA in Producing from MET film school, while Celina holds a BA and MA in editing from Arts University Bournemouth and NFTS.



We make videos for the Internet (like short films, adverts and music videos), and do all kinds of photography (be it products, events, or urban).



Our name, Squid Flick, is a combination of who we are and what we make. We call ourselves squids, because we work as if we had eight arms. We simply like to do everything ourselves or with the smallest crew possible. We direct, shoot, and edit all our projects personally. This keeps the budgets small, avoids misunderstandings down the line, and ensures that we can always deliver on time. (That being said, we’re happy to draw on our big network of talented filmmaker-friends for productions that require more hands on deck.)

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